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IP: mc.survilands.net
Status Online
IP Addresse mc.survilands.net
Kategorie Minecraft Survival Server
Server Owner Survilands
Votes 81
Online Spieler 1
Maximum Online Spieler (Slots) 100
MOTD (Message of the day)
Server Version Paper 1.19.2
Uptime 99%

Server Beschreibung

✅Welcome to mc.Survilands.net! ✅ ⚔️⚒️ Minecraft-Version [1.19.2] ⚔️⚒️ Official Discord Server: https://dc.survilands.net/ ⭐Start your adventure here:⭐ We offer an authentic survival experience with a variety of challenges and adventures. Explore the world, collect resources, build your shelter and defend yourself against enemy creatures. We have active mods and admins making sure everything stays fair and fun. Come and join our community! ✨What awesome features do we offer?✨ Player Levels: When vanilla Minecraft starts to get boring, plans comes in to give the player an incentive to spend time on the server. These levels give extra perks to the player such as skill experience, crate keys, and even a rank for reaching the max. lvl. Skills: Skills rocks the vanilla survival experience thru the roof. Players level up skills, to earn stats, buffs, unlock and level up abilities, and more. There are many powerful and unique features. The skill level is what separates the new player from the old. A more experienced will have more advantages in the wild, giving the game a taste of RPG.​ Quests: Quests are full of new tasks for the player. Quests might have multiple tasks, which the player must complete before the quest is complete. The player gets rewards for completing the quests. We offer 200+ quests and it will be more in future updates. Jobs: Players can register to a job and get paid for doing diffrent tasks, the jobs and every econemy related stuff on the server are very balanced and will need a little bit of "money managment" Custom Enchantments: We offer a total of 61 custom enchantments, to make enchanting even more special! And many more features...


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