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IP: snowpiercer.net
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IP Addresse snowpiercer.net
Kategorie Minecraft Roleplay Server
Server Owner Snowpiercer
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Server Beschreibung

× WELCOME ABOARD THE SNOWPIERCER × » WHO WE ARE We are a growing server in which you can roleplay, talk, discuss, and above all, meet people with the same or similar tastes about Snowpiercer like the movie, the TV series and the novels. » OUR PURPOSE ABOARD Snowpiercer has many different purposes, but our main goal is giving our users a great and unique experience aboard our beautiful train. » WHAT WOULD YOU FIND HERE You can find a lot of things, such as new people, different environments and one of the best and most detailed structures you could imagine. Everything meticulously constructed and developed by our great staff members. » CANON CHARACTERS & ORIGINAL CHARACTERS Of course you can apply, for a canonical character from the snowpiercer universe and then play and represent this role. It is also possible to create your own fictional character and slip into this role on board our grandiose train. » CONTRIBUTORS Would you like to be part of something big and help us to work on this extensive project by using your talents or skills? We are regularly looking for talented helpers whose creativity knows no bounds and who help us to give the players a unique gaming experience. » PARTNERSHIPS We are strongly connected with other snowpiercer fan communities and are still looking for people who share our passion. Among other, we are partnered with the owners of the most famous roblox snowpiercer servers. » TECHNOLOGY Our server runs mostly with self-written plugins and uses a heavily optimized version of paper on the latest minecraft version to ensure the greatest possible stability, performance and security without having to forego functions and features. We attach great importance to the opinions of the players and take them into account in our updates, which we publish almost daily.