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IP: smp.ipgg.stream
Status Offline
IP Addresse smp.ipgg.stream
Kategorie Minecraft Survival Server
Server Owner Ip_make
Votes 19
Uptime 99%

Server Beschreibung

**Join the official IPG smp** Build your own clan and empire together with your friends or alone. Play with our members and build factions and clans. We have an unlimited map, with the nether and then end being enabled so you can have fun and gather recources like everywhere lese. We have some usefull plugins to make the server more fun and apealing. We have an official discord server to let you always stay connected with the community. Create a clan together with your friends and recruit people into it. Fight against other clans ti defend your teretory. We have a chat color plugin to let the chat be more easier to use and apealing. A save spawn to let you have a posibility to get into the server safely. You can also meet new people and have fun with them, and recruit people into your faction Having an econemy system on the server allows you to trade stuff with people and make deals. We also have a chestshop plugin to let you sell things and earn money. There are no special ranks so you are equal to every other player on the server. Build your own Base and protect it from other players. Redstone is also enabled, so you can build whatever you want. Be as creative as you want and build stuff with no limitations. We also have a plugin to prevent lag machines so dont even try :wink: Set your homes and teleport to them to quickly manage all your belongings and protect them from thives. Having a scorboard of the richest players on the server allows you to stand out and become the most rich person of the entire server. **No map resets **- The map will be the same for aslong as the server exists to allow you to permanently leave your mark on the server. **So come on down and join the SMP and have fun allone or together with friends.** **IP: smp.ipgg.stream**

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