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IP: beetown.eu
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IP Addresse beetown.eu
Kategorie Minecraft Survival Server
Server Owner DazMaticxBT
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Server Beschreibung

BeeTown is FREE TO PLAY and provides an insane amount of Survival Features that are well implemented. We do have a Custom Server Menu with all Features, such as: Mobarenas/Dungeons, Daily Rewards, Quests, Chestsort, Veinminer, Custom Enchants, Jobs, Skills, Auctionhouse, Playershops, Pets, Pyrofishing, Pyromining and much more! Dungeons: Join the first Dungeon "Bee Dungeon" and fight versus Mobs to get common and rare Drops such as powerful weapons/tools and Crate Keys! There is currently one Dungeon, but 8 more are planned. They all follow a theme. The next one will be pretty warm... Quests: We do have around 50 Quests yet and more will be added as time goes! It should never become boring. Jobs: Enjoy well balanced Jobs for any tasks. You can be a miner, lumberjack, slayer, bee breeder, smith and more! Skills: We do have a skill system. Enjoy some new perks while playing the game and leveling your skills! Pyrofishing / Pyromining: These two Plugins make Mining and Fishing way more fun! I will promise you that you will experience these two things differently. It feels amazing. Chestsort / Veinminer: For your QoL we have a Chestsort Plugin aswell as a Veinminer Plugin. It makes your life so much better. Pets: We do have Pets that you can get from the Cosmetic Crate. All of that without any texture pack requirement or anything else that annoys you! Bedrock: We have an IP Adress for Bedrock Players. Enjoy playing! Crates: All free to play. Get Keys from /keys :)

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